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.Looking to protect your best friend?

Northern Brand has the answer.

Security in Numbers - Freeze Marking

Northern Brand is a company dedicated to the identification, security and traceability of animals.

We are the only company in the UK to prefix our equine freeze mark.

The star prefix is unique to Northern Brand and enables national and international recognition to the Northern Brand Company, where data is kept for all horses freeze marked by us for the lifetime of the horse.  We also digitally photograph all horses freeze marking for our database.

We are available 24/7 to report a missing horse so that we can immediately start to circulate details to our contacts such as Horse Watch, auctioneers etc.  

Freeze marking is a visual deterrent against theft and provides unique recognition of an animal.  Whilst your horse may have a microchip - scanners are not always available and these can be missed.

All horses/ponies freeze marked by us also get 1 year’s free membership with Farmkey - the largest database of freeze marked horses in the UK.   

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