Northern Brand - Equine and Livestock Freeze Branding and Microchipping Services

All horses freeze marked by Northern Brand will have a unique code prefixed by the star.

Sample Brand - NB1

Looking to protect your best friend? Northern Brand has the answer:

Freeze Branding, Microchipping and Security Marking

Security in Numbers

Northern Brand is a company dedicated to the identification, security and traceability of animals.

We are the only company in the UK to prefix our equine freeze mark.

The star prefix is unique to Northern Brand and enables national and international recognition to the Northern Brand Company, where data is kept for all horses freeze marked by us for the lifetime of the horse.

We digitally photograph all horses freeze marked with our prefix.

Freeze marking and freeze branding is a visual deterrent from theft and provides unique recognition of an animal.

All Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Ferrets microchipped by Northern Brand are registered to a central computerized database within the UK and with other European Countries and form ‘Euronet’.

pet detect - dog, cat, rabbit and ferret microchipping

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